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SiSiB® PC2521

3-Ureidopropyltriethoxysilane 50% solution in Methanol.
Synonym: N-(Triethoxysilylpropyl)urea 50% solution in Methanol

Countertype of Dynasylan 2201, DowCorning Z-6676, ShinEtsu KBE-585, Silquest A-1160

Chemical Structure

SiSiB® PC2521 is a bifunctional organosilane having a reactive organic ureido group and a hydrolyzable inorganic triethoxysilyl group. The dual nature of its reactivity allows SiSiB® PC2521 to bind chemically to both inorganic materials (e.g. glass, metals, fillers) and organic polymers (e.g. thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers), functioning as an adhesion promoter and as a surface modifier.

SiSiB® PC2521 is a 50% solution of silane in methanol; it is a colorless liquid with an alcohol-like odor and is soluble in alcohols, ketones, esters or aromatic hydrocarbons.
Typical Physical Properties
Chemical Name: gamma-Ureidopropyltriethoxysilane
CAS No.: 116912-64-2 or 23779-32-0
EINECS No.: 245-876-7
Empirical Formula: C10H24N2O4Si
Molecular Weight: 264.4
Boiling Point: 68°C [760mmHg] (initial, methanol)
Flash Point: 14°C
Color and Appearance: Colorless clear liquid with alcohol-like odor
Density [25°C]: 0.92
Refractive Index [25°C]: 1.386
Purity: 50% solution in Methanol
SiSiB® PC2521 can be used with such polymers as epoxy, phenolic, furan and melamine resins, polyurethanes, PA, PBT, PE, EVA, PP, PVB, PVAC, acrylics and silicones.

SiSiB® PC2521 can be used as a size constituent of finish for glass fiber/glass fabric composites.

SiSiB® PC2521 can be used as an additive to phenolic, furan and melamine resins for foundry resins and abrasives.

SiSiB® PC2521 can be used as an additive for sealants and adhesives.

SiSiB® PC2521 can be used as an additive and/or primer for paints and varnishes to improve adhesion to the substrate.
The most important effects which can be achieved using PC2521 are improvements in product properties, such as:
Improved mechanical properties: e.g. flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength, modulus of elasticity.
Improved resistance to moisture and corrosion.
Higher temperature of deflection under load.
Net weight 180Kg steel drum, for more details, please visit Packing Centre.
Technical Library
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