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Silicone Finishes for Textile
  Hydrophilic Silicone Fluid
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  Traditional Amino Silicone Fluid
  Silicone Emulsion
  Softener Flakes

SiSiB® SEM680A  Soft 80 Silicone Oil
Ionic: weakly cationic Hand feeling: fluffy and soft
Solid content:64%~66% Good penetration and absorption to cotton woven fabric to get softer handle.
  (105°C,3h) Apply to: cotton fabric.
SiSiB® SEM686B6 Soft 80 Silicone Oil 
Ionic: weakly cationic Hand feelings: Soft and fluffy.
Solid content:49%~50% Easy to be diluted
  (105°C,3h) Apply to: Cotton, hemp fabric.
Block copolymer emulsion  
SiSiB® SEM834H1 Super Smooth Silicone Oil Emulsion 
Ionic: weakly cationic Hand feeling: Smooth and fine.
Solid content:30%~30% Can be diluted by 1:4~1:5 as used on the polyester fabric, the result is equal to 12%~14% smooth amino silicone oil, that will reduce the cost.
  (105°C,3h) Apply to: general purpose, cotton and polyester fabric.
Block structure silicone oil  
SiSiB® SEM856G  Super Smooth Elastic Silicone Oil Emulsion 
Ionic: Weak cationic/nonionic Hand feelings: smooth and elastic.
Solid content:17%~19% The dosage is only 1/4~1/6 of amino silicone oil as used on the polyester fabric.             
  (105°C,3h) More stable than amino silicone oil as used on the cotton fabric, not roll~sticking. 
Block copolymer emulsion  Apply to: widely used,polyester,cotton,nylon,napped pants.
SiSiB® SEM48G Mercerized Wool Smooth And Soft Finishing Agent 
Ionic: weakly cationic Hand feeling:fluffy soft and fine.
Solid content:32%~33% The finished fabric has bright color and the shrink proof behaviour is improved.
  (105°C,3h) Apply to: protein fiber (wool, silk fabric)
SiSiB® SEM48G1 Mercerized Wool Smooth And Soft Finishing Agent 
Ionic: weakly cationic Good composite hand feeling,super soft and smooth.
Solid content:32%~33% To improve the fabric bright color.
  (105°C,3h) Apply to: protein fiber (wool, silk fabric)
SiSiB® SEM553H  Concentration Blended Fabric Smooth Agent 
Ionic: weakly cationic Hand feeling: Good composite hand feeling.
Solid content:32%~33% Little yellowing, little affect on color light.
  (105°C,3h) Apply to: washed denim fabric.
SiSiB® SEM633A  Cool Stiff Smooth Finishing Agent 
Ionic: Weak cationic/nonionic Hand feelings:cool,stiff and smooth
Solid content:28%~30% Better stability than common cool silicone oil in the market. Permanent result.
(105°C,3h)  Apply to: mercerized cotton,imitated mercerized cotton.
SiSiB® SEM671G4 High Concentration Brightening Agent
Ionic: nonionic Excellent crosslinking and film forming ability.
Solid content:56%~58% To form the dense and continuous film on all kinds of fiber surface ;
  (105°C,3h) To improve the finished fabric brightness.
    Apply to:the bright finishing of polyester,fur and man~made leather

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